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The following links have are complied to assist you in remembering the stage that the souls now incarnated on Earth are participiting in. You came with a mission and that mission is aligned with the furtherment of life.

messages to earthKEY ashtar of galactic command
ufo case bookthe kogi speak
crystal linkscoming shift of agesNEW ascension 101
tony wicksKEY quantum awakening
ken careyKEY the science of ascension
david wilcock precession in history
john major jenkinsOTT 2012 archive
diagnosis 2012NEW crash to save the earth
ran prieur star gate technology
william henry venus transit
university of consciousness the great year
the great yearearth & human historyKEY agartha and the draconians
ishtar antaresKEY star nations darwinian revision
dr boylanKEY reptiles in earth’s history
luis pradaOTT the return of enki
dan winterKEY ancient tech & civilizations
ancient xKEY underwater city – india
spirit of maat underwater city – japan
spirit of maat pyramids abound
ancient xwake-up for wanderers et souls & the new age
scott mandelkerOTT becoming a world teacher
luis pradacrop and light circles circles by year and local
crop circle archiveNEW patterns of light
share-international.SR cc movie
stas rutkowski
galactic exopoliticsNEW take the red pill
melitaOTT et motivations and races
michael e. salla, phdKEY alfred webre interview
the gazette halifax, nova scotiaNEW the next dimension
an interview with alex collier ufo contact from andromeda
rodriguez stevensKEY galactic diplomacy
michael e. salla, phdKEY atlantis and galatic wars
ishtar antaresOTT key atlantis understanding
dan winterNEW eschatology & psychotronics
vince johnsonmayan studiesKEY cohesive overview
KEY the 13 baktun cycle 13 moon dreamspell calendar
visual astrologyNEW global calendar reform
mark heleyNEW dr josé argüelles
r lucente carl calleman the law of time traditionalist days
ian lungold virtual tour of tikal
destination 360day watchingKEY earth changes
earth changes tvKEY astrology
mayaOTT over the top news
surfing the apocalypse sf almanac
sky and telescope solar system live
fourmilab astronomy pic of the day
nasa online radio programing