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some comments on the history and philosophy of alchemical divination
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1 to 10 qigong meditation
marco syn (tropia)

some comments on the history and philosophy of alchemical divination
ralph metzner, ph.d.

the mayan calendar and the process of enlightenment
carl johan calleman

concerning the children of the new dream

1 to 10 qigong meditation
marco syn (tropia)

teachings \ ascension process

The universe is infinite within a finite space that embodies within all points all of the information of the whole.

There are developmental forces, fields, rhythmic harmonics and aspect ratios that consistently and divinely manifest everything we can perceive via our senses, mind and with the aid of technology.

The key increments of consciousness expression include atoms, cells, organs, bodies, planets, galaxies, clusters of galaxies and universes.

The fundamental aspect ratio is the Fibonacci ratio or Golden Spiral. This is the pattern that light manifests all conscious forms, galaxies, and what we consider living beings.

Most that we see and sense as the external, material or observed universe exists in the third of the seven densities of light manifesting the creation. The creation utilizes and creates life to be able to realize itself through these seven levels and beyond in a more finite way. The first is the cycle of awareness, the second symbolizes growth, the third self-awareness, the fourth is love or understanding, the fifth light or wisdom, the sixth, light/love, love/light and unity with our higher selves, and the seventh is the gateway. We coexist with all the densities or dimensions and as we evolve through reincarnation we move through this system as souls both down and up the scale. Most animals, all plant and all mineral and rocks exist in the 2nd density. What can be called human souls on earth exist in the 3rd. Jesus taught many of the principles needed for our society to move into the 4th density. Buddha’s teachings were more focused on lessons of sixth and seventh density leading to a full infinite fusion.

The chakra system which exists at seven key points along the central line of the body is a reflection of and in resonance with these densities. Through meditation and the application of the soul growth these seven centers can harmonize within us the higher energies of the creation. The chakras starting from the base of the spine of the body with the root chakra move up the body eventually to the crown of the head. Therefore the root chakra is referring to the first density and the crown to the seventh. Ideally, all chakras would contribute to our being. Our instincts would work together with our feelings and thinking. However, this is usually not the case. Some chakras are not active enough, and to compensate, other chakras are over-active. The ideal state is where the chakras are balanced and fully activated without blockages.

On Earth there is a major galactic alignment that occurs approximately every 26,000 years. This was known to most ancient cultures, but this knowledge has been intentionally wiped out and hidden from our current first world culture today.

This has has been done by in-the-know groups for many thousands of years with literally their goal to impede our evolutionary right of ascension. The leading royal bloodlines’, and later, the aristocratic ruling families’ goal is to keep us misinformed about the greatest opportunity for a global state of enlightenment, which in turn should move us into a new range of light which is the higher fourth density. These groups have had a connection with negatively polarized but higher density beings, acting on their wishes and plans to repress humanity both consciously, and according to more subtle influences.

Of course our lives are our own and the opportunity exists for all beings to effectively polarize their own intentions and provide balance and wisdom, which is necessary to shift ourselves into this new realm of abundance and 100 times more bliss.

There have been two previous key civilizations on Earth. These civilizations were the Lumerians and the Atlantians. Each of these civilizations failed to raise their vibratory rate. Lumerians actually fell from 5d to 4d and Atlantians fell from 4d to three. We are now at a point that we have an opportunity to raise our rate and return to universe society.

This higher vibratory rate is accomplished by the balancing of mind, body, and spirit. Ethics, compassion and wisdom are key components needed to be developed within the society at a critical mass for this ascension process to take place positively for all. Individuals are each treated as such and, although in my opinion the greatest number of candidates is best for a large amount of society to accomplish this goal, this is not necessary for the ascension of individuals.

The 26,000 year cycle is tied to the wobble of the Earth, and is due to the fact that our sun and solar system revolve around another brown dwarf sun named Nemisis. When the orbits of the two suns are at their closest is the time of greatest opportunity for spiritual growth in the 26,000 year cycle.

The Mayans were and are still aware of what the ancient Greeks called the great year and had many cycles of time they measured. They view the evolution of our consciousness through nine levels. Each of these levels completes at December 21, 2012 and are divided into 7 days and six nights. Each day and night have commonalities that can be compared through all of the nine levels in shorter amounts of time. The first of these levels lasts 14.6 billion years. All of the nine levels can be divided by thirteen to determine the amount of time in a day or night. The nine levels named by Carl Calleman are cellular, mammalian, familial, tribal, cultural, national, planetary, galactic and universal. We are currently in the third night of the galactic cycle and each of the galactic day and night takes one year to complete at this stage. When we move into the universal cycle each day and night will occur within 20 days. That final cycle is also a measure of what the Mayans call a gestation year which is 260 days or nine months. When human society was in the cultural cycle archaeologists found that the pots, plates and many other of the features of the society would not change for 400 years, which is that cycles length of day and night. That was also the length of a consciousness generation gap then and was the pace that new information could be brought into their consciousness. During the next cycle, the planetary cycle, the generation gap was reduced to 20 years. This cycle began in 1755. Our current cycle, the galactic cycle, has a generation gap of one year and started in 1999. This means that the amount of change capable for a civilization is increasing exponentially, all the while expanding the consciousness of the planet preparing us for the move into the fourth density and quickly from there to the fifth. Our chakras will increase as will the strands of our DNA. The Mayans also, through living in the natural time ratio of 13:20, were aware of the scaler patterns of creation and key days existing within their many cycles that shared divine similarities and intentions.

It is considered generally against the laws of free will for higher density beings to communicate this to 3d civilizations. There is a benevolent galactic confederation and many coexisting planetary civilizations working in cooperation at these higher realms, watching closely our and other 3d evolutions, assisting in non obstructive ways that don’t break the law of free will. One such way is the modern manifestation of crop circles. Crop circles are both a message to humanity and an imprinting into the Earth sacred geometry that is preparing the planet and healing it. Although the phenomenon has been going on for thirty years many are hoaxes and some are created by powers in-the-know to distract, confuse and as a means of discounting the real ones. Each yearly circle set has been providing a specific message and teaching humanity to educate ourselves about the multi-dimensional nature of our existence.

If some fail to qualify in 2012 the souls will be reincarnated onto another planet to continue their path within a new 3d cycle. The Earth is destined this cycle to become a 4d planet. The evolution of our individual and collective consciousness is the point of soul evolution. Beings in 4d are made aware of their past lives and their place in soul evolution and the higher principles and mechanics of the creation are understood by all. There are different and more expansive rules of physics in higher realms and this trend continues as souls and society moves closer to becoming co-creator with the creation. All human synthetic materials are not native in the higher densities and this is why sacred sites are composed of stone. Sacred sites exist on key geometric points on the earth where the streaming of inter-dimensional energies are greatest. Some of these points include Giza and Hawaii. On Mars, at the same latitudes, based on the axis, we find the remnants of their civilizations monuments, and on Jupiter and Neptune spots which are energy vortexes.

Many of the souls on Earth now have been incarnating for many thousands of years and some come from Mars and others Maldek. Maldek was a planet that was destroyed. It used to exist where the asteroid belt is now. The Earth used to have a year of 360 days, and although it was inhabited by animals and plants, there was a time before humans were genetically and spiritually established (from the primates) on Earth. Some of the other soul groups that are incarnated on Earth now are from within the Sirius, Orion and Pleiades star systems, some souls of which are not native to 3d.

Not all souls on Earth living now are native to the planet and density group. Some beings have incarnated here from higher planes and agreed to not be made aware of their origins. These beings are called “star borns” or “wanderers”.

We have had the technology to remove the artificial lack of abundance for all inhabitants of Earth since the 1930’s. These free energy machines have been repressed to maintain the geopolitical power structures and controls over the world’s people through economics. Many of these machines work on the principle that there is an essential fifth element in our universe. This is the infinite energy that exists in what we currently consider the vacuum of empty space. The more appropriate term for this vacuum is the plenum. This is the source of zero point energy that is used by many functioning free energy machines, and by our hearts. This unifying field is the divine consciousness of which we are a manifestation within.

The plenum, a term coined by Mark Comings, is defined in the dictionary as “the condition of being full”. This fullness is measurably becoming more conductive in our solar system right now. Our moon is developing an atmosphere. Different planets are becoming brighter and experiencing, heating, atmospheric and velocity changes. The magnetic field of the sun has increased substantially over the last 10 years, and the once stable eleven year solar sun spot cycle is now unpredictable. Although our treatment of the planet has contributed to global warming, changes in the sun and our solar system are evidence that we are now moving into a more charged field of space.