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Our awakening vision is to inspire and empower truth seekers to join a growing planetary cultural

movement dedicated to informing humanity about healing, the nature of consciousness and the evolutionary stages we are passing through between now and 2012. We seek to continue aligning with others guiding global society toward a peace based relationship with our larger galactic and dimensional community. Another key focus is opening a dialog around allowing and expanding our definition of truth. Knowing that limiting our belief systems hinders the quantum possibility framework of our shared relative reality, we wish to invite a restructuring of these limits through education and divine confirmations that come to those on a spiritual path.

To these ends we are dedicated toward providing our world information about consistent advances in the realms of health, cognitive science, art, spirituality, zero-point energy, vibrational medicine, as well as the decoding of dna, the roots of language, and vast new realms of physics. In the light of these advances we have faith that the previous barriers and filters in the collective mind are being dissolved, making way for a new mode of attuned existence.

We envision the evolution of this site from one that has primarily been focused around it’s creators writing, recommended reading and shopping, art and conscious design-work portfolio to one that provides a platform for envelope pushing visionaries to share there offerings and recommendations as well. We have started this process currently within the teachings section and will expand that to the gateways, journeys and visuals areas soon.

Another area undergoing transformation is the members area. We are forming an amazing board of advisors that will co-direct the furthering of this project with the prerequisite that what is best for all is best for the one.