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Thanks for taking visiting the The Awakening Project Market.
Although we’ve just opened and our inventory is still being compiled. We offer the following products to raise your personal vibration.

Some prices below includes a donation to The Awakening Project with the purchase as an opportunity for our visitors to providing support for the work that has been done to compile this transmission.

By Stas Rutkowski

Driving to New York City with my brother Richard Rutkowski, a fine arts photographer, and director of photography, we captured the events of September the 11th 2001 on both film and digital cameras and this dvd achives that experience. view websiteStandard Price: $36.00

Donation Price: $77.00

Taboo of Sovereignty, Money, Love & Power DVD
By Jonny Liberty

Jonny give an inspirational and motivational talk empowering us with information on individual and national sovereignty and assist us in restoring our rights and freedoms.

Standard Price: $55.00

Donation Price: $75.00

Gold Rush Colloidal Gold
Gold rush colloidal gold is micro-clusters of pure gold suspended by their charges in pure water. Colloidal gold is gaining recognition among peak performance enthusiasts as a super-nutrient valuable for its broad-spectrum suport of a healthy, high performance body, mind and mood.

Standard Price: $55.00 per bottle

Donation Price: $75.00 per bottle

Donation Price: $225.00 for 5 bottles